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How is the trajectory of a spacecraft decided?

Could you expect the Earth’s property market to crash when Mars becomes colonized?

What is day to day life like for someone working on propulsion systems and the main power source to the spaceship’s electrical systems, while living onboard the ISS?

LHC had created a “quark-gluon plasma” at 5.5 trillion degrees, much hotter than the sun. Which material was used to withstand this temperature?

When you split chemical bonds it can create conventional explosives. When you split an atom, it creates a nuclear explosion. What happens if you go down the latter more and split a proton, or an individual quark bond?

How do chemical reactions happen?

How do rockets accelerate in space (or vacuum) in the absence of any material to provide them the required reaction force?

What is viscosity?

What is the significance of kinematic viscosity and eddy diffusion in chemical engineering?

How is viscosity the diffusion of momentum?

What is the physical significance of Planck’s constant?

Why does an electron absorb a photon?

Do molecules absorb and emit radiation through a similar mechanism as dipole antennas? If there is no polar moment in a molecule, can it absorb and emit radiation?

Where do quarks get their charge?

What causes a particle to have a charge?

Light is made of photons. Many photons together create an electromagnetic wave. Is this statement right?

How do you bioprint a human body and copy the mind from the orginal brain to the bioprinted body’s brain?

What would happen if an oxygen molecule on Earth was instantly heated to Planck temperature?

Does the vibrational/rotational energy of a molecule contribute to the temperature of the molecule?

Thermodynamics: Is there a maximum temperature?

How do matter and antimatter interact if other particles are not perfectly matched (e.g. proton and antineutron, electron and antiproton, stuff made of anti-, charm/strange quarks, etc.)?

Suppose you were an astronaut drifting in space several meters from your spacecraft. The only thing you have with you is a bag filled with moon rocks. How could you return to your ship?

If plants take in light (photons) and photo-synthetically convert the photons to O₂ molecules, then how many photons does each different plant that is used in an experiment, need to absorb to generate 1 O₂ molecule?

What exactly is a photon? Can you explain using visible objects to make an example?

How is it possible to explain that all human brains interpret the exact same image converting photons?

What would happen if we could use 100% of our brain?

Can a spaceship that uses anti-matter propulsion be relativistically accelerated if particle pairs are relativistically accelerated before the collisions? If so, plz provide links to sites that host a specialty in relativistic spaceship propulsion.

After the first bonding molecular orbital is formed in Helium, why don’t the next pair of electrons form another bonding molecular orbital?

Why do antibonding molecular orbitals have higher energy than bonding molecular orbitals?

What is the molecular orbital energy diagram of CO?

What is the difference between molecular and atomic orbitals?

Could a scenario like the one in the recent film Annihilation where plant DNA and human DNA are mixed together actually happen in real life?

What are P, NP, NP-complete, and NP-hard?

Can it be possible to convert a human body into photons (light) and vice versa?

Where are photons located in the EM waves?

Is the frequency of the photon or EM wave equivalent to the frequency of the photon’s vibration/oscillation throughout space?

Photons of a specific frequency are absorbed by atoms. How precise must that frequency be?

What causes matter to reflect only a certain frequency of the visible spectrum and absorb other frequencies?

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