An animation of the interaction inside a neutron. The gluons are represented as circles with the color charge in the center and the anti-color charge on the outside.

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Color Charge Is The Gluon Emission Probability Amplitude

Color Charge
Color Charge on Wikipedia

Color Charge on Quora

Below are some color charge educational videos.

A Gluon is the strong nuclear force’s exchange particle. The strong nuclear force interacts between the gluons at distances 1 femtometer (10^-15 or one quadrillionth of a meter) and between gluons and quarks.

Gluons are emitted and absorbed by quarks.

Ensembles of gluons make up gluon fields.

Gluons are governed by the strong nuclear force and mediated by the gluon field strength tensor.
We have one way that massivation occurs from the Higgs interacting with other fields and then aborbing electric charge which causes the Higgs to get massivated and break the electroweak interaction apart, into 2 seperate forces, the weak nuclear force and the electromagnetic force.

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One thought on “Quark Color Charge Is The Gluon Emission Probability Amplitude

  1. I dont know much of quark gluon theory or Quantum Chromo Dynamics but I have a superpositional mkdel that fits the theory of their asymptotic degrees in freedom: draw a triangle that connects the three quarks. Rotate 360 degrees. The corners of the triangle map out the boundary edgevof the strongest range of force. The middle of each line of the triangle arcs out a smaller circle. This is where the gluon force is weakest and the gluons move freely..likely bouncing off each other creating the property of mass. Further this 360 spin is 3D superpositionally creating an inner shell boundary and an outer shell boundary where a virtual cloud of gluons exist in a probability spectrum that is most dense towards the inner shell.


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