I have been using BASIC! for Android OS several years and it has become one of my most used Android applications.


The BASIC! application is an interpreter and source code editor in one. I bought the BASIC! Compiler on Google Play so that I can compile my BASIC! source codes into Apk’s on my Android phones. The BASIC! interpreter is free of charge and is loaded with features like GPS, WiFi, camera access, touch-screen graphics, audio play, audio recording, telephone call dialing, telephone monitoring, arrays, file system access, clipboard copying and pasting and much more.
The BASIC! Compiler will let you compile your source code right on your Android phone. I have used the BASIC! Compiler so many times that I have lost count.

BASIC! Compiler
BASIC! Compiler

There is an rfobasic forum that you can use to meet other BASIC! coders, ask and answer questions, read announcements and share code.
There is also a release notes and user guide and The Dr. Richard Feynman Observatory BASIC! For Android, where you can also find the latest free downloadable version of BASIC!, features, as well as earlier versions of BASIC! and the links to example source code and some Windows applications.
After downloading, installing and launching BASIC!, if you are still connected to the internet and want to download the user guide, then tap on the 3 dots at the corner of your screen a file pull down menu will pop out and then tap on the load option you will find the source directory,

The BASIC! File Pull Down Menu
The BASIC! File Pull Down Menu

tap on the Sample_Programs(d) option, then tap f00a_download_manual.bas. Once the source code is loaded tap the 3 dots, then tap on Run and the user guide will begin start downloading to the data(d) directory.

There is also a different BASIC! online user guide to help you learn a valuable skill known as Android phone development.

Written by Rickey Estes.

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