If you ask me, there are any number of physically possible solutions for each one of all the six problems that were pointed out in the attached article…

6 Ways Medicine in Space is Completely Different from on Earth


If you ask me:

*Problem 1 which is locating organs in the body under micro g conditions, can be fixed with 3d body scanning technology.

*Problem 2 can be solved by employing elastic bands throughout the day

*Problem 3 can be solved by using actuators to shove the body upwards at 1g to 2g for a short distance, so that the fluid goes with the momentum, then lowering it slowly.

*Problem 4 can be solved by placing subjects feet in an automated container so that a machine can remove the subjects socks and wash the subjects feet

*Problem 5 All that you have to do is let a machine clean the laceration and press it together with machine precision then glue the laceration together or use a sewing machine do the stitching or apply butterfly stitches

*Problem 6 Apply suction to the toilet drain and a blower to the top.

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