Schrödinger’s Cheshire Cat (Schrödinger’s Virus), as well as bonding energy, entanglement, superposition, helicity, chirality, massivation, Higgs, annihilation, pair production, field interaction and coupling.

 Let’s begin our journey through some of the most fascinating and unforgettable areas of mathematics, geometry and science:

Schrödinger’s Cheshire Cat: Are Haploid Emiliania huxleyi Cells Resistant to Viral Infection or Not?

Helicity, Chirality, Mass, and the Higgs


Position (x) & momentum (p) are observables Δx Δp ~ ℏ and is nonrelatistic.

But, time (t) in ΔE Δt ~ ℏ is not an observable, time is a parameter.

I plan to continuously modify this article any number of times, as time passes.

Feel free to check back often.

Rickey Estes

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