Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD)

Matter-antimatter nonlocally entangled wavefunctions

Question on @Quora: If an evil scientist creates 2 vials of entangled particles - one containing matter and one antimatter, and then changed the state of the antimatter (so it became matter) would the vial of entangled particles transform into antimatter … My Answer: No. Because, if the particle-antiparticle pairs fields' quantized geometrical spaces are … Continue reading Matter-antimatter nonlocally entangled wavefunctions

Put some uncertainty in the principle.

That empty space in between the particles (quantized fields) becomes filled with Planck energy, to start with, because (0 K) is not allowed by the third law of thermodynamics, as well as the uncertainty principle due to quantum vacuum fluctuations. Time is a temporal dimension. Clocking requires 2 temporal dimensions of time. 2 temporal dimensions … Continue reading Put some uncertainty in the principle.


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