Can unbreakable AI security’s auto-error correction be capable of fixing the twin paradox’s, time dilation and length contraction in a smart material’s chemical bonds, if such a relativistic propulsion driven spaceship is ever made of smart material?

Do you suppose that an artificially intelligent relativistic spacecraft propulsion driven spacecraft can prove the twin paradox or not?

Energies of Liquid Hydrogen Exploding and Expanding

The dihydrogen cation consists of 2 electrons(leptons (-1 e) + (-1 e) = -2 e) and 1 proton(uud = (+2/3 e) + (+2/3 e) + (-1/3 e) = +1 e), so where does all of the extra energy during a violently explosive exothermic chemical reaction involving dihyrdrogen cation fuel come from? Do you suppose the… Continue reading Energies of Liquid Hydrogen Exploding and Expanding